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Garvan Yeung


Hi! My name is Garvan and I'm a photographer based out in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

It all started back in 2006 when I got my first camera and things took off slowly from there.


I primarily shoot landscape and street photography, but do the occasional wedding and portrait photography as well as product photography. I have extensive experience photographing paintings and editing the resulting photo to match the real painting. I am currently in the works of expanding to real estate photography. I am a versatile photographer, with the willingness to learn new techniques and try out new ideas. I cooperate and work well with clients. I am trustworthy and timely in my work. I expect nothing but the best; if it's not good enough for me then it's definitely not good enough for the client. I see things from the client's point of view and cater to their needs, while maintaining my own style and  individuality.


My goal is to continuously strive for more and strive to capture that elusive and evasive perfect moment.

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